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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 9, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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thank you for being part of the story. now time for a guy who i don't often see other than when i talk to him right here. shep, need to come in contact with you more. your office is just down the way. >> let's do lurch. >> why not. >> you know, a monster storm is on the move. so let's get to it. >> would you look at the pictures pop lating the ribbon that surrounds the news deck. over the weekend, massive car crash that began with a pedestrian hit on the pennsylvania turnpike. on and on with people sleeping in airports, trying to dig out, up and down the east coast. dealing with flight delays, traffic crashes, and pounds and millions of pounds of snow, and lots of roads that were impassable, airports you couldn't get out of. it's been a mess. the not so good news is, there's more to come. and this next one could provide even more. i want to walk over to the big wall and show you what we have
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brewing. the city of new york, we saw it, maybe some snow yesterday. not so much. tomorrow is the day for that. three to six inches there. but you see through the heart of fox country, down atlanta, memphis, you got yours, to the north and west of there. atlanta is getting it. this is a loop from the past 24 hours, the raleigh durham area and up the east coast, football fans, you saw it over the weekend, the systems making an icy mess in new england and michigan, while states to the south are dealing with heavy rain. tomorrow, another storm expected to hit the east coast with more ice and snow. the frozen mess made for dangerous driving. slick roads caused pileups. cars slid out of control. officials in philly report they got nine inches of snow. more than the city had in all of last year. it caught a lot of drives offguard. >> this guy comes up on the left-hand side shoulder and just blew by us. hit the gentleman in front of us.
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his car kept spinning, his motor was smoking. >> there's no salt down, everybody is struck where they are. >> people are driving like idiots at usual. >> the snow also covered up the field markers in the football game last night. look at these giant sheets of ice slighted right of the roof of an apartment complex in texas. at the airport hundreds of travelers are still stranded. airlines report canceling more than a thousand flights today alone, most of them in hard-hit dallas. look at some of the tweets we have gotten. lead lap said, all i want for christmas is to get out of this airport and have my stuff back. this one here: husband's flying was cancelled, rebooked, and the new flight doesn't work, and it takes 60 minutes just to talk to customer service. >> stuck at the washington airport all day. just to get my flight to miami. 15 hours of traveling is too much. get ready.
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now forecasters are warning there's more on the way. let's again team fox coverage with casey stiegel as dallas-fort worth airport. a lot of people have been stuck there, casey. >> 'tis the season. dfw officials broke out the cots. that doesn't happen a. but had no choice when you consider 90% of the total flights in and out of the airport were grounded after the monster eyes storm on friday. some 4,000 people, 4,000 -- had to camp out in the terminal because the area hotels were all booked up. 2,000, we understand, overnighted here on saturday. down to about 650 last night. people using their luggage and coats as pillows, but on the upside, they had power, restrooms and food. >> i see this on tv and think, those poor people. now it's me. now it's my turn. >> we have two cots out here,
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and we have a few blankets and stuff. just trying to sleep as much as we can. >> they're people sleeping on the baggage, where the baggage comes out. >> good lord. can you imagine? but the airport even brought in bands and live entertainment to help these people pass the time this weekend, shep. >> probably a good idea in this world where we can all well. anything getting better there? >> fortunately the temperatures are starting to make they way above the freezing mark. they stay below 30 most of the weekend, and that left all of the ice out on the runways and whatnot, but they're able to finely clear and it de-ice all of the air craft more properly. four of the five runways here at dfw, the fifth busiest airport in the country, now up and running. as of this hour 700 total delay cozy cancellations reported here. it's down from the thousands experienced over the last couple of days, but as we know, this
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certainly creates ripple effects and the airlines tell us it could take several days until things return to normal here, and now as you know, shep, it's taken aim with you guys. >> we know it. this time of year we're supposed to have it. casey steagall live with us. look at this, one of our twitter followers sent this in. iceskateing on the streets of texas. that's what it says. just minutes ago. i asked the producer in charge of this. streets of texas? are we talking galveston or -- where are we here? we're not sure but we can tell there's ice on the streets of texas from that storm before it moved up the east coast. now all along the east coast, they're bracing, bracing for another round of this stuff. let's get to janice dean in the extreme weather center. you can't really tell there's a second wave coming but i know there is because i watched fox 5 this morning here in new york city for our local station, and they told me tomorrow we're
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getting snow. what about everybody else? >> we'll see. the new computer models are out. looks like it's more of a warmer event, so a little more rain and perhaps wintry mix. so we have to really kind of get into now because we don't think they're going to be the three to six snow total wes saw earlier but we'll monitor it. because we he this frontal boundary and along that pulses of low pressure that ride up the coast, and you can see we're still getting rain across the south, and then a little bit of a wintry mix up towards new england. that's our lowe. our next storm system will ride this stationary front and bring us right now, looks like a mixture, maybe a little snow for the mountainous regions, and the pink stuff is where i'm concerned with freezing rain and/or ice for mid-day and then it's gone. a lot of people are still trying to recover from this last
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massive system so d.c., concerned about you because we're still seeing a little rain and messy weather today. tomorrow the temperature will hover around the freezing mark, so we could see wintry mix, and then look at the temperatures into the 20s by this. still frigid across much of the country. >> looks more like new york and new england weather. we have not been unbarely cold, but not true for the whole country. >> northeast we have been pretty good, and by the way, florida, 80 degrees, and tampa, they have seen what we have felt. these are current temperatures. zero, minneapolis, 4 , kansas city. 33, dallas. the first time they've got spoon the 30s. 22, denver. los angeles, mid-30s, and the wind chill, what it feels like if you're not protected, 4 in chicago, 5 in kansas city. minus 19 in minneapolis, and 13 in denver. it's been really cold.
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a lot of the snow is not melting. looking at the southwest and california, 38 in los angeles tonight, shepard so much of the country, except for our friends in florida. wouldn't we like to be in florida. >> florida in the winter. may get to go soon. thanks a lot. watching football ready,ow know there was snow all over the place. the storms made for challenging conditions and mighty tough calls especially along the east coast, and pictures on the monster wall. i love this wall. i want a wall like this but not when it snows like this. tis this is out of philadelphia. detroit was at philly. the lions lost to the eagles about look at the snow. thissen a small amount of snow. they got, depending on the area of pilly, somewhere around five to ten but you can see the pileups at the feet. they have to make the line markers so you can see the line so they can make calls. this next one, baltimore and minnesota, baltimore winning this one but minnesota is at
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baltimore so this is an outdoor game and it was challenging iful. this next one, the dolphins never played that well in the snow but did yesterday. they were at pittsburgh yesterday, and pittsburgh lost to miami 28-34. the snow was problem, but, well, the pittsburgh fans, you know that the real problem is. kind of like people in washington. rg3 did not have a good day. you wonder when this is going to pass for rg3. in the snow, kansas city had come to town, and, man, beat the rg3 out of them. 45-10. snow was big factor in a lot of games yesterday as we can see on the big wall. younger north korean leader has turn on a member of his family. kim jong-un, you heard about him. but they're making moves in north korea now that have the whole world wondering exactly what is going to happen. the north koreans are saying, why that a relative was tossed out unceremoniously. they never used to talk about this sort of thing. it's a serious problem
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potentially. they're blaming everything from drugs to a relative's love life. we'll break down kim kim jong-us big power play. if you don't think it affects us, you're flat wrong. this is "shepard smith reporting." we'll be back at you on this monday afternoon.
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little kim on the news ribbon on the news deck here.
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talking about the challenges there, corruption, drugs, gambling. cast north korea's second most powerful person from his job. according to state television, the country's leader, kim the younger, lil' kim, has fired his own uncle from office. the experts say they had long considered this 67-year-old uncle the north koreans number two most powerful person. kim jong-un's right-hand man. he was a very big meantor for kim the young when he took the reigns, and before his father died they were using this man to groom hundred, but after his father's death he became an important figure. there's a report of the ouster and it looks like something out of a bad divorce hearing. the spy agency reported the north executed not one but two of the uncle's closest assistants for corruption. now analysts say the firing of such a senior figure could
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trigger more instability and potentially quite a power struggle. jonathan hunt is with us on the news deck. i was reading about this. what struck me was how much they were saying about very private and personal matters, something i've never seen then north koreans do. >> this was a very public firing. there have been plenty of what communist party watchers like to call purges, incidents of officials being thrown out in the past, but none as public or humiliating as this one. look at these photographs published on state tv. they show the uncle literally thrown out of a communist party meeting, and those photographs came along with a long statement read on behalf of the government, by state television, reporters, the statement said, in part, that jung song had been kicked out because, quote, he had improper relations with
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several women and was wined and dined in back rooms of luxury restaurants, ideologically sick and eyesle. he used funds and squandered foreign currency. what is not known is how kim jong-un has decided to do with his uncle. is he just removed and going to live a quiet, private, and hopefully peaceful life, or has something rather worse become of him. we don't know. >> how much of a power grab is this by a man who is very young, very inexperienced and about whom we know almost nothing. one thing we do know is they have nuclear weapons and there's a question of stability. where are we? >> that's the big question here. on the one hand you talk to experts on north korea, they say this is kim jung ewan making a very, very strong statement, sending a powerful message. he is singularly in charge of this country. it may have taken him some time.
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he may have leaned on his unnell the first two years of his leadership, but now he is in control. on the other hand, some experts would say, well, this could lead to a big power struggle now because the uncle has many allies and it's not just about nuclear weapons, of course. there are american lives at stake here. we saw merrill newman, the 85-year-old north korean war vet, coming home, having been held for a month, over the weekend so he is free. but there is still another american held prisoner there, kenneth bae, the christian mission snaer, has been held for more than a year now in a country that is unstable. if there is a power struggle, makes it very difficult for diplomats to work out how to get him home. >> some serious discussion regarding that man, bae, on whether the worm, dennis rodman, might be able to facilitate such a deal. >> we can only hope that dennis rodman can bring his unmatched diplomatic skills here and make a difference. somehow i doubt it.
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>> kind of doubt it, too, but if there's a way to get him to focus on that sort of thing, it would be wonderful to get kenneth bae home. >> if dennis rodman can do it, all power to him. >> i've been following, and many of you have, too, this matter in ukraine. there's a very important country in the middle of a strategic -- in a strategic location where the government seems to want to be on the side of russia, and the people want to be sort of tied to europe. en and the struggle has got son big it's threatening to bring down this regime, and may pore tend things to come. police in riot gear have started to tear down tents and barricades in standoff with the antigovernment demonstrators. >> this is in ucrane, the capital city of kiev. this has been going on for a couple of weeks, hundreds of thousands calling for the ouster
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of the president and toppled the statue of the former soviet leader lenin because the government wants to go with the russians and the people want to good with europe, and they blocked the entrances to government buildings. today a spokesperson for the opposition that wants to be on europe's side, side the authorities have stormed the group's headquarters. the country's president has faced more than three weeks of angry protests. after he decided to freeze his ties with the european union and decide in -- to side instead with russia. the antigovernment protesters received lots of support from out of the country, including a youtube video, featuring a familiar american face, actor george clooney use to all of you in kiev and ukraine, when you look to the west, know that we're looking back at you with great admiration. we wish you a peaceful and safe mission. we wish you the government that you want, and we wish you the
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strength to carry on. >> government officials there warned protesters if they do not take down their barricades they will be punished. concerns over where that's may be going in ukraine, it's worth a google. if you're feeling down in the dumps may not be the weather. a new study suggests it may be due to how often you're staring at your smart phone. for real. a soccer riot that got so bad the cops had to land a chopper on the field to rescue the injured. we'll show you the rest of this video coming right up on the fox news deck. nice to have you here. public
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i don't know if you have seen this video but hundreds of fans attacked each other at a
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soccer game in brazil yesterday. i guess it started on the field like sometimes it does. but look at this. everybody up -- look! it's not a play fight. fists are landing. officials say four people went to hospital. and that crews had to airlift one of the persons out of the stadium. witnesses say police even fired rubber bullets and tear gas to clear the crowd in philadelphia they had a jail on standby. there they have rubber bullets and tear gas. fighting among soccer fans in brazil is not that rare. but here's why we care. brazil is set to host the world cup six months from now. and after that, they're hosting the summer olympics in 2016. the fifa released a statement: very sad for brazilian football.
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>> thanks, fifa. that going to help a lot. if they don't get a hold on this who is going to travel over there? what fact will if the hayes on world cup and the olympics? question weather they'll be ready. questions about riots. there's another reason you might want to put down your cell phone here. every once in a while, at least. according to a new study, folks who constantly use their phones are less happy compared to people who can occasionally ignore a phone call or a text. researchers studied more than 500 students and those folks who were glued to their cell phones had anxiety and lower grades in school if they're of that age and were less happy overall. scientists say social media sites like facebook and twitter were a major source of that anxiety. more than half of all gallon jet owner-gadget openerred had
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street when they were separated from their smartphone. guilty. almost as if they were married. >> i'm sending out a tweet right now said, i'm on shep, on twitter. >> on my program. >> exactly. >> so, kennedy has a new show that starts tonight. in fact, before we get to the story -- i want to get it to. one of our managers who will go nameless -- i saw the headline on a media web site that said -- it had a full name that had kennedy in it, is going to have this new program on the fox business network, 9:00 eastern time, 8:00, and the manager was like, is that our kennedy? who knew she had all those names. >> too many. >> i want to talk about that. that's coming up. i was at dinner the other night with friends, a couple of them are much younger than i, and there are three conversations going on at once. they were having a conversation at the table, there were conversations going on text and
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on facebook, and then they were instaff gramming as well, sending pictures of food, something everybody under 30 does. >> when i get a good played of nachos the world needs to taste it with me. >> it does make for a less interesting, less inclusive conversation. >> it does. we have lost our humanity in that sense. i have a solution for that. and my husband plays this with some of the people he works with because they're all addicted to their phones because people have access 24 hours a day, everyone stacks their phone in the middle of the table, and whoever checks it first pays the bill. >> oh, that's good. >> very good. keeps the conversation in the center of the room. >> one problem is many of us are now in jobs that require we look at that thing. if something weird happens and i don't get to work i'm in trouble. >> the more important you are, the more money you're making, you can afford the tab.
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>> i guess that's true. >> want to go to lunch? >> we used to converse and learn thing about our friends in that once every couple week time when we had tipper. now we learn on facebook and talk about it later. i like the old way better. >> there's something nice to experiencing things and being in the moment, and we have lost sense of that, and that is the source of anxiety. people can't be alone with themselves. that is the most anxiety-producing thing for some of these college students that were part of the study, the thought of being separated from their phone. made them so nervous and so uptight, that's when it becomes problematic. >> it's a problem like everything in my life, even football. yesterday i was watching football and i didn't believe a stat and i went to look it up, and then dexter mccluster, who i like from ole miss and am friends with, he ran a playback for a touchdown and i missed it
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happening. then i have to take out the dvr and run it back. the technology has taken over. >> you are being ruled by your technology. >> that's true. but i am not sure how to kick it. like your idea of putting it in the middle of the table. >> or try leaving it in another room for a little while, or when you're driving -- i live in los angeles and a lot of people are guilty of this. even though it's illegal at stop lights, they're still checking their phones and you'll miss green lights. put your phone in the back seat. >> going to happen to everybody some day because sometimes we're going along and i want to bring up something over here and i'll just walk over while you're talking. it's to the point now where, we have to know everything at this moment, and a producer just just told me in my ear, it never stops. when you looked like you were tweeting, you actually tweeted because my producer received your tweet. >> i was. >> and now they're tuning in in
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droves. our other channel, fox business network, during the daytime, nobody better to help you analyze what is going on in the market. at light they do a lot 0 more dissecting of the events of the day and talking about things that affect our lives. >> we still talk about economic liberty, but i'm hosting the show, with me co-host, matt welch, and camille foster, and we are libertarians. we have been orphaned by the two-party system. there's so many issues that have pushed people out of traditional political roles, we're going to discuss generational stuff, the nsa, probably both of those of things tonight. >> when you talk about being pushed away by the two parties, is that because in your estimation, people on the extremes of both parties -- not one or the other but people on thestripes of the two of them -- have taken the two parties to a place where most people aren't? >> yeah. and the people on the extremes of both parties are spending way too much money, and that means when you're having your tax
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money taken from you and spent you have less control over your own life. >> for me it's that the extremes are talking to much. i wouldn't want to hear from them so much. i'm not talking about moderate and the way you conduct your lives. i'm talking about the crazy people on the end. they're often the squeaky wheel. >> it's deafening. >> you're going to keep us away from crazy. >> we're going to cut through the chuter and have a nice dialogue because we're not into shouty. >> guess what the name of the program is, the independents. the emerging class that will help change this nation or not. >> the majority of americans consider themselves to be in they are no longer tetheres to one of the 0 two major political parties. >> a lot of them used to ride elephantses or donkeys and now they have abandoned the animals. the program is every week day
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night exempt thursday. >> because toes stossel -- stossel is on. >> you should give it a shot. i'm not saying this to megyn -- >> tonight maybe hash tack dvr megyn. i love her. >> we all love her. she is going to do tonight? he's going to be on leno. >> that's exciting. >> she'll probably mentioned later. megyn is on leno tonight. >> a good thing to dvr. >> congratulations, kennedy. >> you're awesome. >> you're awesome, play the music. >> we heard that be helpings the nsa has don to spy on us, and kennedy will talk about that as well. the nsa is not alone. now the fbi has joined the party. it has the ability to spy on you from inside your own home without you ever knowing it. but i'm told there's a way to prevent and it our guest will be in just a moment to keep the government out of your computer. >> the airline passenger who fell asleep, he says he fell
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asleep and is on -- keeps changing planes, one city to another city so he falls asleep on the plane. seems the plane didn't know he was asleep. plane went to bed and he woke up in the pitch black dark.
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>> fox report now and more of the day's headlines. vice-president biden paying tribute now to nelson mandela. he signed a condolence book at the south african embassy in washington. president obama scheduled to speak at a memorial service for mandela tomorrow. he died last week at the age of 95. police in phoenix say a man pulled out a gun in the emergency room of a hospital and turned into a three-hour standoff as the guy locked himself inside a bathroom. the cops out there for three hours. eeventually surrendered. iran's opening its first ice rink in more than 30 years. the leaders outlawed ice rinks in the islamic revolution in
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1979, but the view now, the new facility, will give skaters, who want to go to the olympics, a place to prepare for the 2014 games. not a single woman in the video. that's still against the law.
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23 minute's the hour. lots of americans with modest incomes are facing higher deductibles under president obama's healthcare law, according to "the wall street journal," which cites a report from a company that compares health insurance plans. this report shows the average deductible for individuals under obamacare's lower priced bronze plan is more than $5,000 a year and also claims the average deductible for individual plans before much of the law went into effect was just about 3-1/2 thousand dollars. the deadline to apply for own kaz is two weeks away. we're learning a new feature that just went live at
12:38 pm >> for the first time without an account or password you can see your deductible and all out of pocket costs on a screen that shows your premium, but just because the numbers are easy to fine doesn't mean they're easy on the bank account because the average deductible that pops up is 42% higher than it used to be. that's what the study fund looking at 34 states on the marketplace. now some tech experts are saying this window shopping feature doesn't help run any better. >> doesn't change the overall flow of the web site itself. they're trying to put together and piece together a lot of different things to make the web site functional or look like they're continuing to make change on it. >> the expert, david kennedy, told us this morning he thinks a private sector company could have built for five or ten million dollars. our brain room says the tab is
12:39 pm
in the hundreds of millions. >> peter is live for us. lots of americans -- we're learning that now for years, our government has had the ability to turn on our web cams on our computers, and monitor us at home and we don't even know it. that's according to a new report in the "washington post" newspaper. the feds are able to use secret technology to disable the web cam's green light so you have no idea it was on. according to this report the fbi can hack into your computer and secretly download any of your files, any of your photographs, and any of your e-mails without you knowing it. a source says the fbi has been able to hack into our web cams for several years but came to light recently when the agency began a hunt for a bombing suspect. the source says the fbi uses its power mainly in its, quote, most serious investigations. including terrorism. the operative word there was probably, mainly.
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i say that not because of any data before me because this is not new. fox news reached out for a statement, and of court we -- of course weget one from the fbi. join me with a -- this is my weather map and my ipad thing, and the idea is that as you're wandering along, this me and the ipad and me and the wall and as i'm speaking to this thing and maybe i'm just looking at web sites or doing whatever i do, or checking the stocks, if this thing is here, and i don't put my finger over it like that or put a piece of tape there they can have a gander. >> absolutely. >> i guarantee you they're not going to see anything they found very interesting, but what is going on my computer is none of their damn business. >> it certainly is not. it's been around for a little while so the technology is there, and it's nott. there are malware computer programs that allow for people to have access to your computer. they can download this
12:41 pm
informationful let's be clear, this individual was being investigated on a terrorist campaign, somebody that was quote-unquote a bad guy. they can leverage this. there are some simple ways people can protect themselves and the joke is, post it note, pick the color, put it over your web cam. you think, how many things have i done in front of my web cam when it's open. so the recommendation is, shut it off. shut the computer off when you're not using it. shut your phone off because even if you're covering up the web cam it collects voice data, and the reality is here beyonds government stuff, they're using this for investigations, frankly, i'm okay with that but the real concern is for hackers. and you need to protect yourself against -- fishing techniques and they can dive into your computer and monitor what is going on around your household. >> one thing they -- they've send you an e-mail, you heard of
12:42 pm
phishing. they send you an e-mail that looks like it came from somebody in your address book and you click on it and the malware is installed. how can i fine out that's any malware on any device. >> go to google and talk in phishing. it's not even just happening on a federal level. at it happening on a local level as well. we're now knowing that police stations are leveraging something called power dump, where if you're carrying your phone in a certain area and it's pinging a tower, they can figure out your goings-on throughout the day so they can monitor criminal activity, monitor someone being snatched and attach away. harkening back to 007 when they stuck something under your car. they don't need that. we're all walking around riff little deviceses, fracturing devices, videotaping details in our lives. there's another bit more expensive issue -- >> which we'll talk about ounce
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our web site. it's great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i get weirded out. why they want to know what is going on is another matter. look at the big wall. it's just sitting over there, but they can see it. they can always see it. i. >> coming up on one year since the deadly shooting in newton in which a gunman for forced his way into a school, targeted children. we heard from family victims who -- family of victims who have banded together and found their own way to honor loved ones. some want to talk, some don't some want privacy or some want to talk about gun control. we'll do our best to respect their wishes on a very difficult day.
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>> this saturday marks a year since the sandy hook school shootings and some of the victims' families are honoring the dead with a web site. it's collection of pictures and
12:47 pm
personal stories about the 26 people who died in newton, connecticut. this is the web site, my sandy hook family. you can click on the name of one of the children, this one here, grace audrey mcdonald and it begins grace was full of life, imagination, sparkle, and a cute little picture of her here. some of them are like that and others are like ann marie where the family says, thank you for respecting our privacy. some would like to talk about their children, some would not. most of the dead were first graders. victims' family members say the new webs will help with their healing. >> this web site is intended to serve as a singular place of sharing, communication, and contact with the families of those who lost their lives that day. >> some of the family members are asking for privacy this weekend as it's one year since the murder. one town leader says they don't need media to remind them
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because they carry it with them every day. an airline passenger who slept through his flight's landing, says he woke up trapped inside a locked plane. happened last week at houston's george bush airport, the nation's fifth largest airport. he is tom wagner, flying from louisiana to california with a scheduled layover in houston. says he fell asleep on the plane and when he woke up the united airlines jet was dark and empty and he could not get out. tom wagner is live with us this afternoon. i guess the plane had gone to bed for lack of a better phrase, and you had a hat on your head and were crunched over and they missed you. >> i was just laying against the window seat, and up against the window, and somehow they overlooked me. that's kind of hard to believe. >> now, you fell asleep. they took the plane into a hangar, and when you woke up, what did you do? >> i woke up, and i just looked out and the lights are out, and i was -- what's going on?
12:49 pm
something is wrong. i looked down the aisle, and nobody was home. so i got up and i had to use the bathroom, so i had to figure out -- it's dark. >> i heard you called your girlfriend and maybe she believed you, maybe she didn't. >> well, i took care of business then came back out and i called her, i said, you need to call the airlines. i'm locked on a plane. and there's no lights. nobody is here. and she is like, no, tom, trying to play a joke on her. i said, you got to call the airline. you got to get me off this plane. and then she started laughing. then i called -- i had to call my sister, and she started laughing. >> i hear in the end they were cool about it, they got you a hotel room, did all they could. is that true? >> they got me a motel room, yeah, and i was found by the workers that came on the plane.
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>> tom wagner from louisiana. where are you from? >> originally from brooklyn, new york. >> i was going to ask you if your a saints fan or tiger plan. i'm glad they didn't leave you on the plane to rot, and welcome home. >> all right. thank you. >> tom wagner from down in louisiana. i'm locked on the plane, they laughed. >> the woman accused of pushing her husband off a cliff in the days after their wedding is back in court today as her selection begins in her murder trial. you have heard the allegation, right? they're on the side, two hands, and he fell face first. he has a different story. we'll get it all coming up.
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>> opening statements set to begin today in the murder trial of a young bride, woman accused of killing her husband just eight days after they put the rings on their fingers. federal prosecutors say this woman pushed her husband to his death. pushed him from a cliff in glacier national park in montana. they say at first she lied to investigators, claimed she saw her husband driving away from their home with some friends. but investigators say she changed already story when she showed surveillance of the group entering the park. she now says she pushed him over a cliff by accident during an argument over whether they got married too soon. >> we have a trial attorney with us. the accusation is two hands, over the cliff, face first, on purpose. >> that's right. first of all, no eye witnesses.
12:55 pm
the defense position is she is a young girl, shy girl, not a master mind of a premeditated murder. this girl will be convicted of something. false statements to police at a minimum. >> who is the masterminds if you say the husband going off with friends when there was this opportunity for video to exist and there was. that's no master mine. >> lying to police is one thing and she will be convicted of that. put it's hard too get from there to first degree murder. the state has to prove she planned the murder. premeditation can be the second before she pushed him, but remember that, still, even as she changed her story there, was no eye witness to whatever happened. >> of course, her story is, he was falling, grabbed after me, she was afraid she was going to be pulled over as well, so much like a lifeguard who done want to die, she let him go. if that just happened by accident wouldn't you be, my husband of eight days just fell over?
12:56 pm
help me. >> that's not what she did at all and a jury will say, what would a normal person? and a young bride whose husband tumbles down the cliff, normal person would one screaming for the police. not only did she not do that or lied to police. >> she instead said, i don't know where he is. i saw him driving off with somebody else. we'll be back with a film look at the dow and the rest of your day coming up.
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12:59 pm
on this day in the year 1983 al pacino hit the screen as a miami crime boss in a gangster movie "scar face." he played tony montana who jumped into the booming coke cape -- coke -- cocaine business. his empire collapsed and the gangster met his demise.
1:00 pm
the film would become an american classic. we said hello to scar face 30 years ago today. >> we talk about how you might deal with a web cam on your -- put a ban dade on band -- band dade on it. >> pileups and grounded flights as a fierce winter storm slams the east coast and it's not over by a long shot. >> snow, freezing rain, even cases of fog, a lot of it, reeking havoc up and down the east coast. tens of thousands of folks without power. up to a foot of snow in some parts bringing traffic to a halt. and we're all over it. our meteorologist on more nasty weather on the way, and the potential hit to holiday sales. we begin with david in the thick of it all. >> reporter: looks like, here we go again,
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